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Ring Menstrual Cup

Ring Menstrual Cup

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Why you will love the Ring Menstrual Cup?

ü  Zero-Waste

ü  Sustainable-Reusable

ü  12-Hour Wear

ü  Money Saving

ü  Medical-Grade Silicone

ü  No leaking

ü  Non-Toxic Chemical

ü  More Convenient


  • 1 Menstrual Cup
  • 1 Storage bag


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Say Yes to the Menstrual Cup

  • Cost Effective

    Menstrual cups are reusable and can last for several years with proper care, making them a cost-effective alternative to disposable tampons and pads.

  • Convenience and Comfort

    Made from soft, medical-grade silicone or rubber, menstrual cups are comfortable to wear and conform to your body's shape, providing a secure fit without causing irritation.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Unlike disposable menstrual products, which contribute to landfill waste, menstrual cups are eco-friendly as they can be reused, reducing overall waste production.

Use It Anywhere Stress free

Menstrual cups can be used during various activities, including swimming, exercising, and sleeping, providing leak-proof protection regardless of your lifestyle.

Empowerment and Independence

By using a menstrual cup, individuals gain control over their menstrual hygiene routine, promoting a sense of empowerment and independence.

Less Mess and Leakage

Menstrual cups make a seal inside the vagina, which helps prevent leaks and keeps things cleaner than regular period products.

Toxic Free

Free of chemicals or toxins that can be found in disposable menstrual products. Made with medical grade silicone resulting in no BPA exposure or risk of TTS.

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How long will it take to arrive?

All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours and usually arrive within 5-10 business days.

Are there any additional taxes or fees?

Nope! We pay the shipping and taxes for all orders placed through our store. The prices you see are the final price.

How easy is Jezca Menstrual Cup to use?

Our Menstrual Cups products all come with step by step instructions and only take a few minutes to set up.

How long will it take to see results?

Most of our customers begin to see results within the first week but some see results as soon as the first use!